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Thing is, a lot of straight guys are just not very masculine. If you’re overly agreeable, call people on their shit.That’s just the way they are, and most of them want to be this way. A lot of like admit to being wimps and say that they like it. Be prepared to lose friends and lovers when you do so.He’ll still be New York Dolls 1974 when he’s in his 80’s if he makes it that far.As he put it to me, he says the masculine part of him is like the toughest, hardest, baddest, most ultra machisimo guy that ever lived, but then, you know, he’s got this other side.If you’ve ever met any Mizrachis, they are fairly dark people. I always found the Catholic religion quite impressive – not because of any real understanding of it but because of what I could see of it. Most people know about the Black Madonna – images of Mary in which she is shown with dark or sometimes black skin.And what I could see of it was quite mysterious and maybe a bit awe-inspiring, for someone used to the kind of plain religious services I grew up with. Since these Black Madonnas are the creation of Europeans, there is speculation and dispute about their origin and significance.



I can’t blame some of them for just saying fuck it, I’m through with women. Mood disorders might be ok, especially manic-depression, as the manic phase is pretty masculine.I’ve never heard of a guy refusing to date a totally hot babe because she’s sort of out there. There are certain paths out of these dilemmas, but I’m not sure how well they work. Sexmaniacman, for all the 100-plus women and girls he’s slept with, has found that no matter how macho he acts, people still think he’s a fuckin fag or a wimp.The commenter on Feminist Critics said that he changed his gender-nonconforming behaviors towards a more acceptable form of masculinity and soon he found women wanting to date him. He’s basically given up on the project as hopeless and instead works on inner masculinity. Wimps won’t fight back, and if you mess with Sexdude, he will slit your throat without batting an eye.Or that males treat depression and anxiety disorders with booze and drugs.

It’s tragic that it’s more ok for a guy to be a heavy drinker than to be depressed. They were nearly the best looking guys in town, and they were also just about the smartest guys in town.They didn’t have any Khazarian or European blood in them yet, as most Ashkenazim do nowadays. I’m not Catholic, but even I kind of like watching the moment they announce a new Pope. And nothing could have prepared me for the first time I saw images of the Nazarenos during a Holy Week celebration. This looks awfully similar to some other regalia I’ve seen…


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