Nulens iol accommodating dating guidelines from the bible by scott kirby


The Crystalens has a silicone monofocal optic with two flexing hinged plate haptics.


Here, I describe the current accommodation-restoring IOLs along with those on the horizon. The Fluid Vision lens is an acrylic IOL with anterior and posterior optics separated by a central cavity. Its two compressible haptics contain a silicone oil-based fluid. Another pipeline technology, sulcus fixated accommodating lenses, includes two IOLs: Dyna Curve (Nu Lens Ltd.) and Lumina (Akkolens). Accommodation and presbyopia : part 1: physiology of accommodation and development of presbyopia [Article in German].

Dyna Curve is an out-of-the-bag IOL, designed to work in the ciliary sulcus. The theory: this effect was also partially induced by the outward pressure of the vitreous and aqueous humor.


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