Nurse dating former patient expect dating russian man

Professional intimacy can also involve psychological, spiritual and social elements that are identified in the plan of care.

Access to the client’s personal information also contributes to professional intimacy.

They are available from the Nursing Standards section of the BCCNP website

Nurse” refers to all BCCNP registrants, including: licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, licensed graduate nurses, employed student nurses, and employed student psychiatric nurses.

Professional intimacy is inherent in the type of care and services that nurses provide. The Health Professions Act, Section 26 states that professional misconduct includes sexual misconduct, unethical conduct, infamous conduct and conduct unbecoming a member of a health profession.

It may relate to the physical activities, such as bathing, that nurses perform for, and with, the client that creates closeness. BCCNP Bylaws define sexual misconduct as professional misconduct involving sexual intercourse or other forms of physical sexual relations between a registrant and a patient, touching, of a sexual nature, of a patient by a registrant, or behaviour or remarks of a sexual nature by a registrant towards a patient; but does not include touching, behaviour and remarks by a registrant towards a patient that are of a clinical nature appropriate to the service being provided.

The nurse has influence, access to information, and specialized knowledge and skills.

Nurses have the competencies to develop a therapeutic relationship and set appropriate boundaries with their clients.


Consider why the client has offered the gift to you, and the value and appropriateness of the gift.

If you have a personal relationship with a client or former client, be clear about when you are acting in a personal relationship and when you are acting in a professional relationship.


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