Old dating superstitions dating three guys

Foreigners tend to think that Russians are very superstitious nation.

In fact superstitions are occupant in any culture: every nation has things common with other nations.

Women are more concerned of the mystical side of life.

Various omens and superstitions as well as strict observation of ancient traditions may become critical when a woman gets marries.

Lots of superstitions are connected with gifts giving.

Gift giving is a huge part of Russian culture and many of traditions are worth knowing before you decide to make a gift to a Russian woman.

Luckily the Soviet leaders were not superstitious, otherwise Valentina Tereshkova would not have become the first woman in space and Svetlana Savitskaya would not have performed a space walk.

Unmarried girl should not sit at the corner of the table; otherwise she risks not getting married for the next seven years.

There is no rational explanation to these limitations of course, yet many of them are still observed.Some important things to remember: no financial operations in the evening: landing, borrowing or paying back when the sun goes down should be avoided.Or at least put the money on the floor and let the person pick it up.Men say that women tend to be more superstitious - mostly because there are so many superstitions related to childbearing. Superstitions represent the nation’s mentality to some degree.


The majority of omens they still believe in now emerged in the pre-Christian era and did not disappear after the arrival of traditional religion more than 1,000 years ago or the ideologues of the Communist regime.

A bride and a groom should not be taken pictures of separately, or they will separate.



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