Online dating sevice for wiccas

This a tradition where covens are made up of 8-year-old girls and gay males of varying ages.The international headquarters is located in San Francisco in the Castro district.To pass the time, followers learn to tie Celtic knots, which are symbolized in their jewelry (Celtic Wiccans typically wear knotwork jewelry instead of Pentacles).After a year and a day, they must move to Ireland (if not already living there).Followers of this religion worship the popular childrens book character named Harry Potter, and take the books of the author J.K Rowling as their de facto Bible, although the teachings of a recent publication The Tales of Beedle The Bard have been hotly disputed.They must then follow a strict diet of green potatoes and Guinness (dyed green) and watch at least three episodes of Father Ted a day.Meade is occasionally substituted for Guinness, provided that it too is dyed green.



Devised by a committee of Christians and Wicca who were attempting to put an end to the various lynching, duckings and death by spell casting that had plagued New Hampshire in the late 20th century.Wiccans gather around the same priestess or priest with small pieces of bread or crackers and pretend to eat human meat.


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