Outlook exchange connected but not updating

Be prepared to provide an Exchange test account for our team to use to investigate. What versions of Microsoft Exchange do you support?



2013-01-24 .359,0x FFFFFFFF, Outlook Exchange Web Services, Info,"EWS: Sending request on connection=0x7d31dae8, URL=/EWS/Exchange.asmx, Soap Action="" Item""" 2013-01-24 .477,0x FFFFFFFF, Outlook Exchange Web Services, Info, EWS: Received response on connection=0x7d7005c8; status=200 I then noticed various EWS requests returned http status code 200 (means OK) but also 500’s, which correspond to “Internal Server Error”. Sync Folder Items, Get Folder, Get Item) but not for all requests.This Exchange access may be locked down to only be allowed within your corporate network or VPN, which prevents the use of EWS by external applications like Jazz HR.



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