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(3) Achieve and maintain control of endemic gamsitic diseases bm : (a) ste ing the cpacities of the health system to carry out epidemiological surveillance and treat detected cases of onchocerciasis (riverblindness), trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness), and dtacunculiasis (Guinea worm) trough training and supervision of mobile teams and local health workers; and (b) sensitizing tagot populations regardig prevention of trnsmission of these three diseases through tanumg and IEC campaigns, and (4) Strenethen the Ministra of Public Health and Social/Family Action (MSASF) by: (a) enhancing and rationalizing its capacity to more effectively control endemic parasitic diseases, (b) strengthening its capacity to implement the reform of the pharmaceutcl sector, (c) estabishing a management information system to track physical asset and health personnel throughout the public health system; (d) improving capacity to coordinate and monitr donor-suorted health prqjects; and (e) enhacing cavactv to coordinate implementation of PDSN.

Af REEMENTS TO BE REACHED AND Ts M p R s bo d ft fidingo pa Bank appranisa sim w h sed B Fina u In un 19. (2) Reduce micronutrient deficiencies by: (a) supporting supplemention of vitamin A, iodine, and iron in severely deficient areas; and (b) developing a longer-term, durable national strategy for reducing micronutnient deficiencies, which would include inter alia food fortification and dieta"y modification.

Fourth, the nutrition comronent would help reduce the high rates of anemia among expectant mothers which are a major cause of low birthweights.

A major contributing factor to this low life expectancy is high infant and child mortality caused by widespread cotious diseases, unfavorable hygienic conditions, malnutrition, and the limited capacity of the health system to preventhese conditions and to treat them effectively once contracted.

With the other 12 countries of the CFA franc zone, Burkina Faso devalued its curency by 50% relative to the French franc in January A. SECRAL CONM 2.1 The health status of the Burkinabe population is poor with a life expectancy at birth of only 48 years (1991), compared with the average for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) of 51 years (1991).



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