Regina king on dating white men

Don't like what I said👇🏿— Win Chuck (@Win Chuck1) May 3, 2019I tweeted this and now I’m an anti black mentally unstable coon with bedwenching tendencies and a hatred for black men.

Y’all have issues😂😂 Ca A— tony stark ‎⎊ (@heyyitsjanea) May 2, 2019 Similar ranges of positive and negative emotion happened regarding other videos of Evans showing love to Black women.

Barely 15 minutes into the 91st Annual Academy Awards, actress Regina King snagged her first Oscar, and the best part is- it was also her first time ever being nominated.

The veteran actress took home the award for Best Supporting Actress for the 2018 film, If Beale Street Could Talk.


The term originated from female ‘house slaves’ back during American slavery.” The slang definition also has character examples of possible bed wenches in pop culture.But is Olivia really a bed wench just because she has some white men in her sexual past? Because the term “bed wench” implies that the woman in question is there against her will.In today’s landscape, such a term can’t apply since Black women have free reign to date whoever they want.The back-and-forth regarding all three of these videos got me thinking about the root causes of everyone’s strong opinions regarding Evans’ interactions with Black women.

To me, the reason why there’s such a strong reaction is laced in the complicated, interwoven history of racism and poor societal standards. The most common pushback I’ve seen against anyone saying they are all about Evans liking Black women is, “don’t be a bed wench!I'm convinced he has a drawer dedicated to satin pillow cases, coconut oil, and shea butter after watching this.


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