Request a sex chat callback

This well-rounded customer service experience gives you a higher chance at closing sales right over the phone.If managers are busy or aren't available to respond to clients, the Callback form will ask the client when it's convenient to contact them again.


Operator is notified about the callback request just as he is notified about the incoming chat.

You can find the call log in the "Archive" section of the app.

You can filter out calls in the general list by selecting "All Calls" in the filter list.

If you already use Jivo Chat on your website, just turn on "Callback" in the app.


If Jivo Chat is not installed on your website, sign up for free and install the code according to the instructions. However, if you want a little bit of flexibility of when the callback proactive widget is displayed on your site, you can control these settings.

Live chat is best suited for accompanying the client on the website and as an unobtrusive assistant in making purchases.


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