Rowupdating is not firing in gridview asp net

“Delete” – Raises the Row Deleting and Row Deleted events. “Page” – Raises the Page Index Changing and Page Index Changed events.

“Select” – Raises the Selected Index Changing and Selected Index Changed events. “Update” – Raises the Row Updating and Row Updated events.

I'd like to fire a server-side event by implementing the Item Command.

So the code of my Rad Grid looks as follows: The problem is that the Item Command event doesn't get fired unless I enable the "Enable Post Back On Row Click" property on the Client Settings.

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When you click on edit button of the Grid View a Javascript error occurs : “Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys. Page Request Manager Server Error Exception: The Grid View ‘gd Test’ fired event Row Editing which wasn’t handled.” At first look you may think that you have not handled some events fired by the Grid View. The mystery behind this error is the property “Command Name”.

As our code does not handle those events hence they throw an exception.

Hi, I'm quite new to RAD controls, so be patient :) I just started to experiment a bit with the Rad Grid.


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