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The British singer, 73, has been spending time with his boys during his tour of Canada this month.

And on Saturday his wife Penny Lancaster treated fans to a sweet family snapshot, showing the quintet all together.

“I remember being backstage and they were still building it. “So hopefully people see us with dad and then come to our own show. “He’s always pulled me up there and made me a part of it.

It doesn’t feel strange to me — it’s such an honour.

Alyssa, 28, admitted: “We’re really pleased how things are coming along, we’re just going with it.

“Our first show was when we got a call to play in Milan.

"Boys all together #brotherhood," she captioned the Instagram image.


He was married to Alana from 1979 until 1984, and together they share Kimberly Stewart, 38, and Sean.

“And he also trained me to treat yourself like an athlete and think of your voice as a muscle.


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