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The average temperature in Medellín typically only varies by about 1 °F during the year.

In Medellín, the high daily average temperature ranges from 81.0 to 82.8 ° F (27.0 to 28.2 °C).

And it’s not really fair to compare two places if you have not been to both of them. But I have traveled several times on business and vacation to Manizales.

In my opinion, both places have their pluses and minuses. Since we have already compared Medellín with several cities in Colombia, some readers asked that we also do a Medellín vs Manizales comparison.

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And the Numbeo website also confirms that the cost of living in Manizales is cheaper than in Medellín.

Manizales is a city in central Colombia, which lies on the Colombian Central Mountain Range.


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