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The poetry of Sappho often revolves around themes of love and passion, and has a clarity and simplicity of language; within her poems, there is great vividness and directness.The style is often conversational – giving an impression of immediacy and action.


Includes; Cleopatra, Princess Diana, Marie Curie, Queen Victoria, and Joan of Arc.

He was frustrated because he just got his first job out of college, and his first paycheck was practically spent on paying past tolls.

In earlier days, I would have been very attached to trying to teach my son how to better manage his money, and how to solve his problems. I could hear his frustration, and I acknowledged and validated his experience.

Finding that balance between taking action and letting go is a work in progress for me. Other times I float through life with peace and bliss because I have perfected that balance in a specific situation. It never works to try too hard, or to become emotionally uninvolved.


Neither is healthy for our spirit or state of mind.Detached involvement is the process of being emotionally involved enough to take action, but completely detached from the outcome or results.


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