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Introduction The University of Louisville prohibits all forms of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct.This policy outlines student expectations, reporting options, and resources for all students, employees, University visitors, or third parties within the University community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.



Student sexual misconduct falls under the guidelines of the Code of Student Conduct and should be referred to the Dean of Students Office at 502-852-5787 or [email protected] complaints against employees, contact Human Resources at 502-852-6688.For complaints against a University visitor, contact University Police at 502-852-6111.The University will take immediate steps to end sexual misconduct, prevent recurrence, and correct any effects on the complainant or those involved in the complaint process.

If, in the process of the investigation, the University determines that the alleged conduct does not fall within the guidelines of the University's policy on sexual harassment, both the complainant and the accused student will be notified.

A Code of Student Conduct violation is not required in order to provide certain accommodations for the complainant reporting the concern.


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