Sexual chats mandating use of


Recommendations on brothels and prostitutes were also shared in the chat. Following the report, an online petition calling for a police investigation of the involved reporters was filed on the presidential office website on April 22.

The petition has garnered 29,319 signatures as of 3 p.m. Think about it for a second: if this was just about sexual gratification, then they could had just watched porn instead.

Unless you’re unlucky enough to live in a country where it’s considered a criminal act, his sexuality isn’t your business and you’re very unlikely to change it.

If he’s younger than that, don’t get incensed at him like he’s just personally insulted you. As teenagers, we’re naturally pretty horny, and it’s something that’s far harder to control than, say, alcohol or drug consumption.

Police to probe reporters for sharing spycam footage of sexual assault victims Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said Friday its cybercrime investigation unit has begun an internal investigation of reporters for allegedly sharing spycam footage via a messaging app group chat.

The group chat history, leaked by a whistleblower on April 19 to a digital sex crime eradication organization DSO, shows evidence of distribution of illicit footage of women who were filmed without their knowledge.

Just sit him down and talk to him calmly, rationally and logically about the dangers of getting caught with anyone(doesn’t matter if it’s the same gender or not) and how sexting is now a criminal offence.

You can still be firm without raising your voice- something my parents never seemed to understand.

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It’ll only lead to more drama, embarrassment and arguments and won’t help anything.

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We had no intentions of hiding the truth or covering up wrongdoings.


After the report by SBS on [March] 14, we got in contact with Lee Jong Hyun and confirmed the truth.On March 15, Lee Jong Hyun’s agency FNC Entertainment released an official statement regarding the recent report from SBS about conversations that he had with Jung Joon Young in the past.


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