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The whiskeys I am talking about replacing are going to be the popular bourbons, there are alternatives to popular brands of other whisk(e)ys, but I will save this task for other posts.Right now I will focus on replacing bourbons like Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, and Jim Beam.There are some people who really do enjoy the unique tastes of these specific bourbons, but for the most part a lot of people wouldn't really care if the taste of their whiskey changed slightly.If it was about producing the same exact taste for a lesser price, then these whiskeys might not compare; however, most people aren't so picky that they won't drink anything without that trademark charred flavor that Jack Daniels has.I personally love this flavor, but it isn't enough to warrant me spending the extra per bottle.There are other unique tastes in other whiskeys that are fantastic and cost a fraction of the price.I know I listed Jim Beam in this post, but as you already know it is pretty cheap.I just listed it because people seem to think that it's the only cheap alternative.


I know that I already spoke of the huge savings you get when switching to Ten High, but this post is going to be about cheap bourbons that you can drink straight, not ones that are cheap mixing whiskeys.Ezra Books is also another cheap bourbon that could replace your current popular brand.It is also the cheapest of the ones I have suggested.These are the whiskeys you hear advertised everywhere and sang about in songs.


All of this coverage has made them them synonymous with the word whiskey itself. Just because people say pick me up a bottle of Jack instead of a bottle of whiskey doesn't really mean that you should be going out and buying a bottle of Jack Daniels.

So even though you won't save a lot switching from Jim Beam to one of these whiskeys you can at least get a different flavor.


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