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The best thing you could of done with this question is not replied to it at all, don't you think?After it received a few other replies you never replied back at all. I have a question Myself now that I can not find the answer to, and I am reluctant to ask it here now to avoid a possibly rude disagreement with you more than with anyone else. And to everyone who will read this, I am sorry for targeting Zozzled, but I am only trying to make him see how bad it looks when he chooses to answer questions by the community this way.Again Zozzled, please for the sake of everyone using these forums, be professional when answering questions.Right now I Myself am very dissapointed by the way you choose to answer people's questions here.

When you request the history, it gives it to you in batches, i.e.I don't want my users to show any Personal or Contact information in the forum.Currently I'm blocking any access to "My profile", so people can't fill in these information, but think it isn't the best solution. sozzled: Yes, I'm gonna to deny them any choice in that matter.Over the years, the “everyday story of country folk” has tackled everything from sex and drugs to abortion, arson, homosexuality and the vicar marrying a Hindu.

But nothing – not even the re-recording of the theme tune in 1992 – has left fans of the Radio 4 soap as furious as news that the Archers BBC message board, a long-running online community for Ambridge addicts, is closing down.

you see the first X amount of time and then you can get more of the history.


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