Speed dating guildford uk

So I decided to make an account with Slow Dating and receive updates for their speed dating events near my location.

This was from a recommendation made by my friend who attended speed dating events organised by Slow Dating.

The design sticks to the company’s brand colours of white, gold, and midnight blue.

Call-to-action buttons are accented by using the pink and purple colours. You can easily navigate through the website and find what it is you are looking for.

With its remarkable reputation of arranging speed dating events across the country, Slow Dating retains its position as the go-to website for people who are looking to find a partner through physical meetings.

Slow Dating has organised over thousands of speed dating events and all have been successfully implemented.

After signing up, I booked online and attended 3 speed dating events in London.

Trying several online dating websites for over a year didn’t seem to work for me.

They make sure that their events are comfortable and safe for everyone who attends them.



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