Stephen colletti who is he dating now

Near downtown Nashville, it’s the Pinterest-perfect space, stocked with jewelry, home goods, journals and a line of baby clothes. Though 90 percent of the brand’s sales comes from social media, the store is already becoming a stop for bachelorette parties, of which Nashville has plenty.

“Girls in general are so fascinated with Kristin,” said Kelly Henderson, a stylist and Cavallari’s close friend who also appears on the show.

“I’m so confident in what I’m doing as a parent — both Jay and I are — that the stuff about my kids, or how I’m raising my kids, that’s the one area that doesn’t really get to me, to be completely honest,” Cavallari said. Based on her own experience, she’s hesitant to put her own kids in the limelight when they’re too young to choose if they want to be there.

“It would not surprise me if at least one of my kids grows up and wants no part of the spotlight,” she said. But ‘The Hills’ creator insists ‘Music City’ is different.

In 2009, she got an offer to star in Conrad's spinoff "The Hills" once her frenemy departed.

Although Cavallari was reluctant to go back to reality TV, she was pragmatic enough to know that the paycheck and exposure could propel her into the next phase of her career.

“Having an actual place to go that represents her is going to be exciting for them.” Cavallari never shows her kids’ faces on TV or to her 3.2 million followers on Instagram.

Some is mild, such as last month when she posted a photo that jokingly called her pet chicken "dinner." Some is more severe — in 2014, she revealed in a TV interview that she and Cutler don't vaccinate their kids, alluding to the disproved idea that vaccinations can lead to autism. It forced me to then go and do even more research than I had done prior, and I’m even more confident in my decision now,” Cavallari said. Producer and “Hills” creator Adam Di Vello said they tried to prepare the cast, saying things like, “It’s going to be a much more amplified version of yourself.” “I remember my mom had some reservations about it being MTV, just because they didn’t have the best reputation necessarily,” Cavallari said.

“How can you knowingly support the spread of potentially deadly diseases by not vaccinating your children?

” a fan letter asked on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Now, Cavallari said she didn’t realize it would blow up into such a controversy.

and chronicles her adventures as she opens a store in Nashville for her lifestyle brand, Uncommon James.

She wants her fans to see the grown-up version of herself, the working mom who runs her own business.(Colletti and Conrad declined to comment for this story.) In perhaps the show’s most famous scene, during a spring break trip to Cabo while she and Colletti were broken up, Cavallari danced on the bar and later kissed another guy. As cast members have since revealed, situations were heavily manipulated and “softly” scripted.


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