Steps for updating hpux with update ux polski dating review

* The execution phase succeeded for “myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”. NOTE: More information may be found in the agent logfile using the command “swjob -a log myhost-2348 @ myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”.

======= 07/23/15 PDT END swcopy SESSION (non-interactive) (jobid=myhost-2348) This method can be used to deliver any software built in depot format.

The names should be meaningful swlist –l bundle –s $PWD # Initializing… # # Target: myhost:/Depots/tmp/depot # 201510HPUXPATCHMYCOMPANY B.20 MYCOMPANYFALL2015 QPKAPPS B..411a Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i v3, March 2015 QPKBASE B..411a Base Quality Pack Bundle for HP-UX 11i v3, March 2015 Next step copy them to a single install point: swcopy -x enforce_dependencies=FALSE -x reinstall=TRUE -x write_remote_files=TRUE -d -s $PWD \* @ /Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second … WARNING: “myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”: The software dependencies for 4 products or filesets cannot be resolved.

* The execution phase succeeded for “myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”. NOTE: More information may be found in the agent logfile using the command “swjob -a log myhost-2347 @ myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”.

* Source: /Depots/B.11.31/PHSS_44116.depot * Targets: myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second * Software selections: PHSS_44116.

This command takes care of setboot and all details. swconfig \* or swconfig PHCO_36551 may fix the issue.


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