Tips on updating your cv

If you work in tech, you know the latest jargon and buzzy words can change in a flash. But that’s really true for every industry—jargon changes, and with it, the words recruiters and applicant tracking software look for while scanning through your resume.Take a look at some job descriptions posted in your industry, then read through the experience and skills section of your resume to make sure you have all the necessary keywords listed.Your resume doesn’t need to be visually arresting (unless you’re applying to be a designer or other art- or design-focused role). Readability is important—that means using a standard font and plenty of white space.And while a resume template can be very helpful, you can also tweak it a bit so it doesn’t look exactly like all the other resumes the human resources department flips through.(Consider setting up an email address devoted to your job search.) A resume is a concise document (often, just a single page in length).


If they spill over to three lines, consider trimming the copy down to just two lines.

Fortunately, making a few tiny tweaks to your resume—the type of adjustments that take just minutes to complete—can have a surprisingly big impact.

Have you been working off the same resume since you graduated from college, and just tacking on new jobs?

Whether you’re looking for a change in career or simply need to make an update, we’d recommend updating your CV every 1-2 years to include your latest experiences and any new skills.

Having looked at many CV’s when hiring people for roles, I think I have a good idea of what to include and exclude (although I’m far from an expert – if you want to chat to an expert, visit a recruitment agency and they can help).If your most recent position doesn’t display your most noteworthy skills and accomplishments, you may want to transition from a chronological to a functional resume.


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