Updating esxi


At this point, it’s necessary to reboot the ESXi server to use the updated version of the software.v Sphere 6.5 released with excellent new features to improve the security and high availability of critical applications running on the virtual machines.

We can also combine drivers and other softwares such as mutipathing softwares such as Powerpath in the baseline, once the hosts are upgraded.I’ve got two hosts, one’s a Dell Power Edge and the other a HP Proliant, I’ve already upgraded the HP server, you will see that in the screen shots below, now I’m going to upgrade the Dell.Before Starting; The host will go into Maintenance mode, get upgraded, reboot, and be taken out of maintenance mode. (Mine’s an older server, it took about 45 minutes).Remember: Even if you’re in the correct directory, you need to specify the ‘full path’ to the ‘offline bundle‘ (or it looks in the ‘/var/log’ directory and won’t work). if your v Center is 6.5 you cant upload an ESX 6.0 image, (it will fail – this cost me two hours onsite!

)Warning 2: You need v Center 6.0 Update1 or newer to perform this function.

When you’ve logged in to the ESXi machine securely over SSH, enter the following at the terminal prompt.



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