Updating firmware n82

To perhaps aid in this search for these valuable applications, below is a list of my favorites along with screenshots.

Most applications are free, which I prefer, but there are a couple which are so good that I consider them worth the money.


2.0 Beta available for download from: More screenshots: [Screenshot 2], [Screenshot 3] GMail Mobile Google Mail or GMail is one of the most usable webmails out there, so it’s no surprise they came up with a really good mobile client also. I have two minor annoyances: the ok/cancel-button order is reversed as compared to most other S60 apps which takes some getting used to.

Highly recommended if you can upgrade the FW; go to Nokia Software Update at nokia.com/softwareupdate Update February 2008: Redid most of the screenshots as to reflect the latest versions of the applications. Update January 2008: Added Em Tube, an application for playing You Tube videos. Removed Raccoon as I really didn’t find good, lasting use cases for it.



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