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Is there a way to update the DNS entry from this server so I don't have to log into my DNS server?I tried ipconfig /registerdns but this did not do the trick... I have a server that has multiple NICs, each with their own static IP, that I will periodically enable or disable to connect the server to different subsets.Once changed to another subnet, my DNS records still point to the old IP address, so my clients cannot connect to the server.Most registrars do not require you to enter in the IP addresses of your nameservers.However, we’ve provided them in the event you can only use IP addresses.So, you want to connect remotely to your Raspberry Pi? There are two main forms of IP address, dynamic and static.


Finding Your Router's Address (Windows) Finding Your Router's Address (Mac) Installing Router Updates Updating an Air Port Router Show 1 more... Questions & Answers Related Articles References This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.My mission, which the sys admin gave me no choice but to accept, was to change the DNS ip addresses each voice server was pointing to.Now in sys admin world, this is hardly a big thing, but in voice world, no change is so small and insignificant that cannot be made intricately cumbersome to complete.This means that the IP address can change at any time - not ideal if you want to run your Raspberry Pi headless, as you’ll need to keep checking and updating the IP address in your system.

A static IP address however will not change, it assigns your Raspberry Pi a permanent address on your network - so you know exactly where it is at all times.

Setting up a static IP address on your Raspberry Pi can seem like a daunting task, but fear not, we’ll walk you through it one step at a time in this tutorial. First up we’ll need to double check that your Raspberry Pi is happily connected to your network. Before we can begin applying a static IP address to your Raspberry Pi we’ll need to gather the necessary data from it!



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