Updating modem firmware

Thank you for your patience during the merger process.Mobile Network Operators - MNO - have planned for 2019/2020 to upgrade the 4G protocol broadcasted on their networks.The current Ewon devices in the need of this update are the following ones (based on their serial number): Note: Ewon devices have a WAN fallback mecanism.This means that if the Ewon device cannot connect to the 4G network, it will fallback to the 3G/2G network.This article discusses how to update the firmware of Belkin routers through the web interface.

After the dashboard opens the first time using the IP address, the URLs should work again.

file (depending on your model) on the SD card and insert this SD card into your Ewon.

You can update the modem firmware of your Ewon by following the same process as updating the OS firmware of your Ewon.

In the example below, the model number is F5D8236-4 and 3 is the version number.


For more information, click Belkin routers have the Save/Backup Settings and Restore Previous Settings features that allow you to back up your current router settings and retrieve the backed up settings.

For those rare situations when a firmware update breaks things, Michael Eckhoff, K5MRE, posted instructions for downgrading ZUMspot/MMDVM_HS firmware in the Pi-Star Users Support Group. He has figured out that it is possible to flash the DVMega firmware using the Rpi itself with the DVMega still in situ by wiring the reset pin of the ATMEGA328 directly to a spare GPIO port and then using (a slightly modified version of) avrdude to flash the hex file straight over /dev/tty AMA0.



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