Updating unlocked iphone to 2 2

Unlocking gives you the freedom to use your i Phone with the network of your choice, whenever and wherever you want (with a few exceptions detailed later in the article).

For example, if you are currently using T-Mobile but are moving to a new area of the country with poor T-Mobile coverage, you can switch to AT&T on a dime.

Many networks place a lock on their devices to prevent you from switching networks before they have recouped their money.

Unlocking refers to removing this restrictive network lock so you can use your i Phone with a network other than the company from which the i Phone was originally purchased.

Keep in mind that this guide was made exclusively for people who want information about unlocking Apple i Phones.

If you’re looking for unlock information about any other kind of smartphone, you’ll want to look elsewhere for that information.

Unlocking makes it as simple as popping in and out a SIM card to switch between these networks.

But what if you have no desire to switch between networks?

-The associated Sprint account must be in good standing.-If you are on an installment agreement such as AT&T NEXT you must either complete the installment payments on schedule or pay the agreed upon amount for early termination as well as the balance still owed on the i Phone.-Your associated AT&T account needs to have been active for at least 60 days and be in good standing (I. -If your associated AT&T account is a prepaid Go-Phone account you must pay for at least 6 months of service before the i Phone will be unlock eligible.Some of the questions we get asked most frequently from customers are in regard to i Phone unlocking.


There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the topic, so we made a comprehensive guide that addresses every imaginable question.

Unlocking also gives you the ability to take your i Phone to foreign countries and use local networks in those countries.



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