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Most webcams range anywhere from around to up to 0. The idea of video phone used to be one of those futuristic concepts in the “someday” department.

I have two Microsoft webcams for my desktop machines. Today, using the internet, video phone is commonplace.


I say “most of the time” because I used to have a weird problem with everything looking green and scrambled – kinda like watching pay-per-view without the unscrambling.I still do not know why that was happening, but since I upgraded to Windows Vista, everything works fine.Sometimes you may want to be able to monitor your office or home when you are not there. When it comes to monitoring, you will find that there are many more expensive webcam options available.These days it is VERY easy to live stream from your webcam to the internet.

The popularity of it is also increasing due to several web-based services which turn it into child’s play.Your camera overlay can also be configured to your liking, with options to change the positioning and zoom of your camera feed on-stream.


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