What is fractionation when it comes to dating

Done effectively, you should have her willing to do pretty much anything within an hour. Despite how easy this sounds, you won’t find any girl who’s out by herself, nor will you find any girl whose friends will let some stranger come up out of nowhere and talk to her for an hour.

Luckily, the solution to that common problem is even more fractionation, on a much deeper level.

Each time you speak hypnotically, move slightly closer to her. You want to continue going back and forth, (hypnotic speaking and regular speaking) until it’s pretty obvious she’s willing to do anything.

You can do things like lean over to whisper in her ear, and increase the kino with each successive mini-hypnosis session.

Ideally you’d get a couple of IOI’s, letting you know she’s at least open to the idea of talking to you. Speak hypnotically to induce feelings of comfort, safety, feeling OK, meeting an old friend, etc.

And just like the hypnotist found his patients could get just as comfortable with him within an hour to let him deep into their mind, you can get any girl that will talk to you (and would go out with you on a regular old-school date) to do the same. But since you’re using fractionation hypnosis, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve.Done correctly it will resonate with your language fractionation.People have been using and teaching fractionation for a while.The only factor that allowed him to put them DEEP in trance was how many times they went into, and came back out of, hypnotic trance. For even the most conservative girls, this is enough time to feel the comfort, feel the connection, and feel the desire to have sex. The common tendency is to overdo it, and try to elicit all kinds of extreme emotions like fascination, loss, discovery, longing, etc. We are only trying to recreate the same thing that happens over the course of four or five dates. Most dudes talk about normal stuff over four of five dates and manage to get laid.

Buy by using fractionation, you can accelerate the entire process to happen within the first hour of meeting her. So unless you talk about fascination, longing, emotional love and loss on regular dates, you don’t need to do that with fractionation. That’s all you gotta do with fractionation: Build enough comfort.Fractionation is both easy, and very complicated and subtle. Fractionation can be used to take any normal progression of emotions and significantly accelerate them. It’s not used only in dating and seduction, it’s used any time a series of emotions are put together in a series or sequence.



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