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"As hard as it was for me to let go of that control, it's actually amazing."So, Hough encourages other women to consider sharing their diagnosis with loved ones when they feel ready.

"Whether that's your significant other, your family, a friend, your coworkers, whatever it may be this should not be something that you should be afraid of,” she said.

Julianne Hough is one of several famous women (including Lena Dunham and Padma Lakshmi) publicly discussing the challenges of life with endometriosis.

Yet the reality remains that, for many people dealing with the condition, opening up about it—even to those closest to them—is not always an easy decision.



But if and when you decide you feel comfortable telling your partner, it’s generally most constructive be upfront about your experience.

For instance, maybe you just need them to be there and rub your back.

Or maybe you need some practical physical support, like having them be the one to walk the dog that night, or perhaps you'd even like them to come with you to your doctor's appointment.

But there is no cure for endometriosis, and experts are are still debating what actually causes the condition, the best way to treat it, and what it even is, exactly.


So although there are various options for treatment (including both medications and surgery), it may be a tough process to get diagnosed and find a way to manage the disease effectively.When A-list celebrities date someone who could be considered below them, fame-wise, a variety of outcomes often occur.



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