Who is dating kevin hart

Hart has also publicly spoken about how close Parrish is with his kids.

Parrish’s Instagram is also filled with pictures of Kevin Hart’s children.

We recently reported that the successful comedian and his and his “rib” Eniko Parrish have officially become husband and wife after celebrating with family and friends this past Friday.

The couple whose been dating since 2009 tied the knot this weekend in California in front of a slew of celebrity guests.“For some reason [critics] equate hurt with bitterness …

The person demanded millions of dollars to keep the video private.

Parrish was very upset about the situation, but decided to forgive him and stay in the relationship.

If you want to know interesting information from Eniko Parrish’s wiki, then you’ve come to the right place.

She is trending right now because Kevin Hart is amid an alleged extortion scandal.

News that the 37-year-old actor and his wife, Eniko Parrish, tied the knot Saturday evening during a beautiful ceremony near Santa Barbara, Calif. "It's a day for us."Ahead of the festivities, Kevin enjoyed a fun-filled day with his bride-to-be and his two children at the beach in Santa Barbara. News, "Kevin and Eniko were very affectionate and were seen kissing occasionally and also Kevin's arm wrapped around her waist as they were walking."Later that night, the Hart family enjoyed a celebratory dinner with friends at Lucky's Steakhouse, the source added.

"I was an immature boy, and she was an immature woman," Kevin says. I'm just not ready for marriage.'" Fifteen years later, it's a different story.



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