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There was a rumor in past that she was dating with Prince Harry which she denied on the social media.She also had rumors that she was approached first for the lead role in the Oscar-nominated movie La La Land, which was found to be true.She is currently dating Johnny Simmons, her co-star in her recent movie, "The Perks of a Wallflower".Ray Watson is the brother of Patricia (Watson) Houston who is married to Whitney's brother Gary Houston.Billy Watson is also Patricia (Watson) Houston's brother.They are extended family by their sister being married to Gary Houston Hermione Granger is a fictional character who does not exist in real life. The actress who portrayed her in the movies was Emma Watson, is currently dating someone.Her father was not distant to her as she spent most of the weekends with her father at his house in London.Spending early 5 years of her life in France, she stated that she speaks some French but might have faded with time.


The series of photos show Watson and Overstreet shopping in Los Angeles, taking playful selfies in front of an Airstream, and even sharing a kiss. The cause for Watson and Overstreet's May split is still unclear.“Emma and Chord kept quiet about their relationship at first but they really hit it off," an unnamed source told .



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