Who is jayne torvill dating

In November 2011, Torvill said, "the standard each year has gotten higher and higher, which is exciting for us – to think what we can achieve with people who have never skated or are relatively unknown to skating." Designed in Autumn 1984 for the World Professional Championships held in December 1984 (source Facing the Music: 198).

The piece was choreographed jointly between Jayne and Chris together with Graeme Murphy, Artistic Director with the Sydney Dance Company at the time.

Encounter runs at over six minutes and was for Torvill and Dean their most enduring professional performance, winning them the World Professional Championships in 1984 and known to be used as performance piece until 1987.

They resurrected the piece in 1994 to win at the World Team Championships.

The premise of Venus is that Jayne is the Goddess of Love looking after the world (source Facing the Music: 197).

The world is actually physically represented in the piece by large globe lit up inside and suspended by a wire (controlled by a boom operator) orbiting Torvill and Dean throughout the dance.

The dance is extremely graceful, with many unusual lifts and intricate moves.

The costumes were white, with Jayne wearing a white headscarf adorned with a gold coronet.

The piece consists of a tremendous amount of drawn-out lifts, twisting, intertwining, and sitting and rolling on the ice to create a balletic piece which they describe at evoking Indian sculptures.It was one of the most popular achievements in the history of British sport, watched by a British television audience of 24 million people.



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