Who is rihanna dating october 2016

January 1, 2017: Twitter user @nicki_lima14 9, who claims her father works for Jameel, starts spilling endless tea about the burgeoning romance, including a tweet that reads, “Ya’ll motherfuckers don’t talk about Rihanna and Drake, she is happy with a new man in London.” January 2, 2017: A GLOWING Rihanna is shot arriving at New York’s JFK airport looking like she’s floating through the place. February 27, 2017: No one seems to know how long Rihanna was chilling in Maldives, but notes her last public appearance was at the Grammy Awards on February 12th.

The magazine marks her return to New York on the 27th by writing about her new hair color and described her time away as a two-week vacation. February 2017: Sometime during the month, Rihanna and Naomi unfollow each other on Instagram.

The romance really began to kick into high gear in November 2016 and the deal was sealed when they rang in 2017 together together, followed by a two-week trip to Maldives.

What follows is an obsessive time line of key events in their romance. There are a billion gossip sites, but only one Lipstick Alley.) July 10, 2016: Naomi Campbell and Jameel attend a Stevie Wonder concert in London.

Once easy to track, from November 2016 onward, suddenly she was disappearing for days at a time and showing up in odd places by herself that didn’t follow prior patterns.

September 29, 2016: Rihanna presents her Fenty by Rihanna collection in Paris.October 24, 2016: Instagram account @alizee posts a picture of herself on a grand staircase in Paris luxury hotel Ruffles, where she claims she was having dinner with Rihanna and her “new man,” a reference she will eventually edit out.October 28, 2016: Rihanna is spotted arriving at JFK Airport in New York, all smiles.And it’s a guess, but it appears he has a place in London as he’s been spotted shopping in grocery stores in Mayfair, an affluent area in the West End of London.

Based on everything we could put together, it looks like things began to bubble for Rihanna and Jameel sometime in October 2016 though when they met for the very first time is anyone’s guess.

While Rihanna‘s public make out session with new beau Hassan Jameel in late June 2017 marked an official coming out party for the couple, in reality the handsome couple had been showing up randomly on social media months before their pool party.



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