Who is sam robertson dating Balkan chat

I had a bit of a Billy Connolly beard as well," he joked.

"Next year I’ll come back with a face tattoo or something." He then quipped: "Once you go curly you can’t go straight because you’ve been exposed. When I got offered to come back in 2016 my hair was longer than this and slicked back.


He then joined other celebrities in the Big Brother house.

"But every time I’ve grown my hair in the past and I’ve booked on a job they’ve asked me to cut my hair. I’ll grow it for as long as I can get away with it, before it looks ridiculous." The bushier hairstyle might even signal a shift in Adam Barlow's personality, since Robertson recently told us that he'd like to see the character be more vulnerable."There have been a few moments in the last couple of years where Adam talked about his mum," he explained.



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