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Then in July 2013, the cops were called on the couple while they were in Montreal.Roberts was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, Peters had a bloody nose.A few months later in December 2013 the couple got engaged. A post shared by Emma Roberts Fansite (@emmarobrts) on Shortly after her breakup, Roberts began dating Christopher Hines.Roberts flashed her pink and gold diamond ring on all the red carpets. The two were introduced by their mutual friend Brit Elkin.



In 2012 the couple was on again off again, according to the Daily Mail.

A Pennsylvanian Youtube celebrity Daniella Levin is now single.

She’s a younger sister of You Tube celebrity called Rachel Levin. Daniella is famous due to her brothershe maintained her private life key.

Horne is a Scottish aspiring singer who is 6 years younger to her.

They both shared a great relationship for 3 years and often seem together at award shows and parties.

Moreover, nothing has ever been said from either of them about the alleged affair.



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