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I guess I have good reason to just want to withdraw for awhile, but I am wondering if I'll emerge as a butterfly or if this isn't heading down the wrong path.

Granted, "they say" we all grieve differently but it has been nine months since my dad died and there are other things too but I won't get into them here.

I'd have to say hermit mode is working out quite well for me.

I had been in a relationship up until January and just got tired of how needy some people are.

It has a garden and two tea ceremony pavilions, which both were designed by the famous modern Japanese garden scholar and designer Mirei Shigemori.

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By nature I'm an introvert, but even this is way introverted for me.But when I need some time to sort my own thoughts, and totally get away from everyone, I decide to shut myself at home and be by myself.



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